Consulting Call With The Expert

Consulting Call Service

For you to get expert's guidance on a specific question or series of questions.

For M&A, Fund-raise, JV/Partnership, Esops/share transfer, Due-diligence, Deal structuring etc.

There are multiple areas where users of IndiaBiz have used Expert Consultant's time. Most common questions/ concerns are as follows:

Business Owners:

  • Is this the right time to raise funds for growth?
  • Debt or Equity? Which would be beneficial for the company?
  • How to arrive at a Valuation?
  • What financial instruments are available to raise external capital?
  • The company cash flows are not looking good. Should I close the business or look for investment? Does the business have other options to explore?
  • An investor has shown interest in my business. How should I respond?
  • How do I launch ESOPs in my company to help retain the key talent and also reward them?


  • The asking price seems unreasonable, however I like the business opportunity; how do I go about it?
  • How do I go about Due-diligence process?
  • What types of business opportunities would be suitable for me to consider?
  • This is going to be my first time buying a business-;what things I should be careful about?
  • How do I appoint an advisor to help me during this whole process?
  • I am an NRI looking to invest in Indian company, what compliances would I need to take care of now and in the future?
  • Capital gains tax - how to make it efficient in deal-making?

Our experts

All of our experts have knowledge, skill-sets, experiences and passion to share the best practices and solutions to your business challenges.


You can avail any expert advice on 1-2-1 call/online meet for 30 mins/ 45 mins/ 60 mins - transparent fee structure. Click PAY Now to see the current pricing.


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